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Construction Payment Accounts

Specialist escrow, project payment and trust accounts for prime residential construction contracts.

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For Employers

Project Payment Accounts offer unrivalled supply chain transparency and protection in the event of Contractor insolvency, while Escrow Accounts can help to streamline the payment process, particularly for overseas Employers.

For Contractors

Escrow Accounts provide confidence of an Employer's ability to pay under the contract, while Retentions Trust Accounts assure you of prompt payment of your retentions.

For Sub-Contractors

Project Payment Accounts advance your time-to-payment under the Main Contract from 120 days to around 35 days, while Retentions Trust Accounts secure your retentions for on-time release.

Our Construction Accounts

Choose the account or combination of accounts most suitable for your projects.

Escrow Accounts

The Employer deposits an escrow sum with us, and each month we pay the Contractor against the payment certificate.

The Employer 'tops-up' the account each month so that it always contains an agreed value.

Escrow Accounts

Project Payment Accounts

We handle all of the payments for the Employer, paying the Contractor directly, and each of the Sub-Contractors directly at the same time.

These can be partnered with Escrow Account feeders and/or Retentions Trust Accounts.

Project Payment Accounts

Retentions Trust Accounts

Each month, the Employer pays the Contractor directly for their work done, and pays the retained amounts into the Retentions Trust Account.

Against the Certificate of Practical Completion, we release the first portion of the retention to the Contractor; and against the Final Certificate, we release the second portion.

Retentions Trust Accounts

FF&E Trust Accounts

The Employer pays their FF&E budget into our Trust Account, and we pay each of the FF&E suppliers against approvals from the Designer and the Employer, providing unrivalled supply-chain transparency and protection in the event of the Designer's insolvency.

FF&E Trust Accounts

Construction Payments

How our accounts interlink

Escrow AccountsProject Payment AccountsRetentions Trust AccountsFF&E Trust Accounts
Ring-Fenced FundsDirect-to-Supply-Chain PaymentsPrompt & secure release of retentionsTransparency and security in procurement
Protects Employer from Main Contractor /Designer Insolvency
Protects Main Contractor/Designer from Employer Insolvency
Protects (lower) Supply Chain from Employer Insolvency
Protects lower supply chain from Main Contractor/Designer insolvency
Increases supply-chain transparency to Employer
Accelerates payment to lower supply chain
Supports free flow of monies through the project
Accessible 24/7 in our App
Construction EscrowProject PaymentsRetentions TrustsFF&E Trusts

Further Information

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Regulatory Notices

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