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We help professional services firms to support their clients' escrow, payments and high-value card transaction needs.

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By Invitation Only

Design Teams

We support architects, interior designers and project managers looking to protect their clients with Escrow and Project Payment Accounts.

Law Firms

We handle high-value, cross-border, complex escrow requirements and multi-party payouts (with or without digital party approvals).

Business Developers

We work with professional introducers and business development consultants to supplement their portfolios.

Our Programme

Information for Potential Introducers

What is dospay?

dospay is the payments arm of a London-based specialist legal and commercial consultancy firm. You can see more about us at

Are you regulated?

DOS & Co. Ltd. is registered with the Financial Conduct Authority under the Payment Services Regulations 2017 (FRN: 833374) for the provision of payment services

Who makes a good introducer?

We partner with individuals who enjoy networking and developing client relationships and for whom our services may be complementary.

Who makes a good client?

We work with high net-worth private clients, family offices, luxury businesses and other high-ticket-price suppliers to provide bespoke payment solutions to complex requirements.

How much could I earn?

Our indicative commission levels are set out below - we pay more for higher-value clients, so the bigger the transaction volume, the larger the commission.

How often do you pay commission?

We pay commission on every single transaction your client makes through us. Commissions are paid weekly, so there is never long to wait.

Can my involvement stay secret?

We take our anti-bribery obligations seriously and always disclose to the end-client any commissions we pay (in a similar way to what you might have seen when a mortgage broker introduces you to a lender). In the event that you would prefer not to receive a commission, however, we do not need to make any such disclosures to the end-client.

What if the client I introduce opens a further account?

We pay commissions against the client, rather than any particular account. If you introduce a client to us who opens further accounts, you will also receive commission on transactions made on those accounts.


How our programme works

By Invitation Only

Our services are pitched at supporting complex and high-value requirements, so aren't for everyone. If you think that your network would be a good match, please do apply.

Request an Invitation

Introducer Agreement

We'll invite you to review and execute our introducer agreement. This covers the basics, including our levels of commission and how we will disclose your commission to our end-clients.

Partner Portal

Access our partner portal for information, documentation and supporting collateral to assist you in understanding our services and explaining them to your network.

Introduce Us

Send your clients to us, or introduce us formally, the choice is yours.

Receive Commission

We pay ongoing passive referral commission to our introducers every time the introduced client pays us a transaction fee.

Indicative Commissions

Subject to Agreement

Up to £1m/mth£1m+ /mth
For each transactionFor each transaction
% of our fee revenue% of our fee revenue
PayMaster / Escrow10%15%
Project Payment Accounts10%15%
Card Processing10%15%
Card Issuing10%15%

Further Information

Please get in touch if you would like any further information.

Regulatory Notices

Payment Services Regulations 2017

dospay is a trading name of DOS & Co. Ltd, a company registered in England and Wales with company number 08294966.
DOS & Co. Ltd. is registered with the Financial Conduct Authority under the Payment Services Regulations 2017 (FRN: 833374) for the provision of payment services. Digital Batch Payments are powered by Payment Rails Ltd, which is authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority (the “FCA”) under the Payment Service Regulations 2017 (registered reference no. 771016) for the provision of payment services.

dospay is wholly-owned and operated by DOS & Co.

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