High-Value Escrow

An alternative to personal guarantees when contracting through offshore or personal service entities.

By Invitation Only

Service Explanation

How our escrow accounts work


Escrow Documents

We work with both parties to agree the basis for the escrow account and confirm the circumstances in which we are to make payment, together with the documents or notices upon which we may act.



The payer deposits the escrow sum with us, and we provide a receipt for the same. The payer and the supplier can each access our platform 24/7 to confirm the balance of the account.


Project/Purpose Progresses

The project or transaction progresses and the payer makes direct payment to the supplier as contemplated by the contract. We continue to hold the escrow sum.



In the event that the agreed non-payment circumstances arise, and we are provided with the agreed-upon documents and/or notices by the supplier, we will make payment to the supplier on the payer's behalf, from the escrow account. The payer must then top the escrow account back up.


Final Payment

The parties will usually agree that the final stage payment(s) may be made directly from the escrow account.

Further Information

Please get in touch if you would like any further information.

Regulatory Notices

Payment Services Regulations 2017

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